1. Birthday Cake

    My amazing chocolate birthday cake this year, courtesy of my dear friends Don and Garo. 

  2. Tomatillo time, Catskill Mountains. 

  3. Dior SS14 Inspired shot for Brutal Magazine

  5. Céline SS14 Inspired still life shot for Brutal Magazine

  6. Alexander Wang inspired still life for Brutal Magazine

  7. An outtake from Pigeon Toe shoot.

  8. A great shoot with Pigeon Toe Ceramics. I will certainly miss the great Pacific Northwest, and all my friends and clients.

  10. Some stills for a recent shoot for Dea Dia. 

  11. Playing with my food again…I trekked this slab of marble on foot way longer than I probably should have!


  12. Pink satin farm sheets.

  13. Mussels at the studio, Feb. 

    -styled by Sophie Strangio